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Hanoi, , Vietnam

Artncraft Products - Manufacturer,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 2000

ARTEXIM HANOI specialises in exporting Quality Eco-friendly Handcrafted Home Deco, Giftware and Fashion Accessories. Pls see our collection on ARTEXIM.COM.VN

Our products range includes: Bags, Purses, Jewellery, Vases, Bowls, Plates, Trays, Placemats, Coasters, Boxes, Hampers, Tabletop Items, Home Decorative Accessories…etc made of Natural and Eco-friendly materials such as Bamboo, Rattan, Seagrass, Fern, Water Hyacinth, Willow, Coconut, Taffeta Silk, Buffalo Horn, Mother of Pearl, …etc

Products :

Eco-friendly Bamboo Handbag, Seagrass handbag, Jute Handbag, Rattan Handbag, handmade handbag, Fashion Handbag Eco-friendly Bamboo Bag, Seagrass bag, Jute Bag, Rattan Bag, Tote Bag, Shopping Bag, handmade Bag, Fashion Bag Taffeta Silk Handbag, Embroidery handbag, handmade handbag, evening handbag, shoulder handbag, velvet handbag, canvas handbag, satin handbag, fashion handbag Taffeta Silk Bag, Embroidery Bag, handmade bag, evening bag, shoulder bag, velvet bag, canvas bag, Satin bag, fashion bag Taffeta Silk Wallet Purse Clutch, embroidery Wallet Purse, evening wallet purse, shoulder wallet purse, handmade wallet Purse clutch Mother of Pearl Handbag, Mop Handbag, Shell Handbag, evening Handbag, Shoulder Handbag, handmade handbag, fashion handbag, abalone handbag Mother of Pearl Bag, Mop bag, Shell bag, evening bag, Shoulder bag, handmade bag, fashion bag, abalone bag Mother of Pearl Wallet purse clutch, Mop wallet purse, Shell wallet purse, Evening wallet purse, shoulder wallet purse, handmade wallet purse clutch, abalone wallet purse clutch Buffalo Horn Handbag, evening Handbag, Shoulder Handbag, handmade handbag, fashion handbag Buffalo Horn Bag, evening bag, Shoulder bag, handmade bag, fashion bag Buffalo Horn Wallet purse clutch, Evening wallet purse, shoulder wallet purse, handmade wallet purse clutch Beaded Bags, Beaded Handbags, Beaded Wallets, Beaded Purses, Beaded Clutch Bamboo Vase, Lacquer vase, pressed bamboo vase, coiled bamboo vase, rolling bamboo vase, Spun Bamboo Vase, Laminated Bamboo Vase Bamboo Bowl, Lacquer Bowl, pressed bamboo Bowl, coiled bamboo Bowl, rolling bamboo Bowl, Spun Bamboo Bowl, Laminated Bamboo Bowl, Bamboo Salad Bowl Bamboo Plate, Lacquer Plate, pressed bamboo Plate, coiled bamboo Plate, rolling bamboo Plate, Spun Bamboo Plate, Laminated Bamboo Plate, Bamboo Salad Plate Bamboo Tray, Lacquer Tray, pressed bamboo Tray, coiled bamboo Tray, rolling bamboo Tray, Spun Bamboo Tray, Laminated Bamboo Tray Bamboo Placemat, Lacquer Placemat, pressed bamboo Placemat, coiled bamboo Placemat, rolling bamboo Placemat, Spun Bamboo Placemat, Laminated Bamboo Placemat Bamboo Coaster, Lacquer Coaster, pressed bamboo Coaster, coiled bamboo Coaster, rolling bamboo Coaster, Spun Bamboo Coaster, Laminated Bamboo Coaster Bamboo Box, Lacquer Box, pressed bamboo Box, coiled bamboo Box, rolling bamboo Box, Spun Bamboo Box, Laminated Bamboo Box Bamboo Planter, Lacquer Planter, pressed bamboo Planter, coiled bamboo Planter, rolling bamboo Planter, Spun Bamboo Planter, Laminated Bamboo Planter Rattan basket, Seagrass basket, Fern basket, Water Hyacinth basket, bamboo basket, willow basket, wicker basket Rattan tray, Seagrass tray, Fern tray, Water Hyacinth tray, bamboo tray, willow tray, wicker tray Rattan Plate, Seagrass plate, Fern plate, Water Hyacinth plate, bamboo plate, willow plate, wicker plate Rattan placemat, Seagrass placemat, Fern placemat, Water Hyacinth placemat, bamboo placemat, willow placemat, wicker placemat Rattan coaster, Seagrass coaster, Fern coaster, Water Hyacinth coaster, bamboo coaster, willow coaster, wicker coaster Rattan napkin ring, Seagrass napkin ring, Fern napkin ring, Water Hyacinth napkin ring, bamboo napkin ring, willow napkin ring, wicker napkin ring Rattan box, Seagrass box, Fern box, Water Hyacinth box, bamboo box, willow box, wicker box Rattan hamper, Seagrass hamper, Fern hamper, Water Hyacinth hamper, bamboo hamper, willow hamper, wicker hamper

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3p7/91 Nguyen An Ninh
Hanoi - 10000 () Vietnam

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