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JOJO Design


JOJO Design

JOJO Design

D.n dead-sea, , Israel

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“JoJo”, as artist Yosef Ohayon is called, was born in Casablanca , Morocco in 1959 and immigrated with his family to Israel when he was six years old. After school, he would work in his family's printing business, gaining knowledge of the artistic use of color and graphics. After his military service at the Israeli defence forces, JoJo and his young wife Deganit settled in Ein Tamar, a moshav south of the Dead Sea in the desert. There he made his home and worked the fields as a farmer on his land near the Jordanian border.

His return to the arts four years ago began thanks to a fortuitous problem with an agricultural monitoring device he was developing at the time. During the manufacturing process, the metal became twisted and malleable when water was applied at very high pressure. JoJo had inadvertently come up with a new idea, and began creating a series of furniture pieces that could be termed “Metallic Cushions”

The quiet life on the moshav, the enthralling landscape of the dead sea, and the distance from the big city all influenced JoJo's style, making it refreshingly original. His later works of pitchers and housings for lighting, blend elegant, clean lines with coarse textures of a practically infinite variety.

JoJo Ohayon's art has been described as unconventional and his colors as psychedelic. He still makes his home at Ein Tamar, creating his unusual three-dimensional works there, far from the madding crowd of the metropolis. As a self-taught artist, he has developed his own methods, and combined them with a thorough knowledge of the use of static color, which he learned from his father. The artist JoJo Ohayon is truly an amalgam of the colorful past and the vibrant present...

Products :

We provide Manufaturer and services of Metal furniture and vases using high Water pressure in hot environment covered with Colorful textures. Our products :- Metal Vases: Vases Index , Ceramic Coated Vases , Shiny Vases Furniture: Furniture index, Yong , Bar , Double , 2004 , Yael , Queen , King , Shida , 2004 set , Yael Set Light Objects: Light index Furniture :- "Bar" Chair H.W.P "Yael" Chair H.W.P "Queen" chair H.W.P "King" chair H.W.P "2004" Chair "Yong" metal sofa H.W.P "2004" square table set "Shida" and a "shy" lamp Double-Seater- Bench H.W.P "Yael" round table set H.W.P Vases :- Shiny Metal Vases Ceramic Coated Vases Light Objects :- "Trisoh" Wall Lamps Originaly designed for Hotel "Bastilia" Paris , France - The "Shy" lamps are the first lights object made by Jojo At these days Jojo is working on a new lamps line - contact us for further information and pictures.

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JOJO Design

JOJO - Moshav Ein-Tamar
D.N Dead-Sea - 86902 () Israel

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