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Neoart Incorporated


Neoart Incorporated

Neoart Incorporated

Angeles, Outside India, Philippines

Artncraft Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Organization Firm Since 1998

Neoart Corporation is the world's premier manufacturer and exporter of antique reproductions and home decor products. Our wide range of products are widely distributed in most parts of the world like United States, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands, Spain and Japan to name a few.

Our unique way of giving that special antique look-and-feel in every product is guaranteed to make most antique enthusiasts and the like to be truly captivated. Plus, our products functionality and classic design makes every penny count and there's no doubt that you're getting more than what you paid for.

Our range of products fits a wide variety of establishments like hotels, restaurants, offices, theme stores, etc. They are also perfect for furnishing indoor and outdoor portions of houses, buildings or even a palace. It includes collection of wall-hanged memorabilias, vintage transport replica such as iron bicycles, penny-farthings, pushcarts and hot air balloons; Christmas decors; whimsical plaques, advertising plates, vases, birdcages and human figures. Neoart also produces theme decors like Egyptian designs and other ancient artifacts, stone-cast and rock panels that is perfect for that ancient ambiance look. Various patriotic symbols or even that old comic memorabilias you've always known.
Neoart Corp. Produces customized designs for clients and manufacture licensed products such as Anheuser-Busch. Every design and product of Neoart is covered and protected by a copyright thus, any unauthorize use of Neoart designs shall be subject to fines and penalties as imposed by the law.

Neoart Corporation is comitted to developing more and more products each month. Our in-house design team is composed of creative artists headed by a pool of talented designers overflowing with fantastic and ingenius designs. Our design team is looking forward to collaborating with your company to come up with even more innovative products exclusively for you.

To give you a basic idea of what we can offer, check out our product photos. These are just samples of what we have instore for you when you register as one of our valued distributors.

Products :

Manufacturer and exporter of antique reproductions and home decor products. Billiards & Pool -BILLIARD SCOREBOARD -DOG CUE RACK -LIGHT DIFFUSER -POOL PLAYER W/ CUE RACK -SHARKY CUE STICK RACK -SHARKY CUE STICK WALL RACK Products : -Billiards & Pool -Human Statues -Egyptian Items -Buddha Items -Roman Items -Golf Items & Statues -Restaurant & Kitchen -Seasonal Items -CD Holders / Clocks -Asian Artifacts -Winery Items -Stone / Bronze Finish -Transportation Items -Office Items -Bird Cages / Bicycles -Animals Displays -Plaques / Plates -Garden Accents -Furnitures & Cabinets -Directions / Signs -Push Carts / Cribs -Angels / Clowns -Mirrors & Masks -Cork Boards -Hangers & Lamps -Showcases -Miscellaneous

Product Catalog

POOL SHOWCASE NONPAREIL Size :43.75 in /111.13 cm Cbm: 0.1079....

NEW YORK SHOWCASE Size :15.75 in /40.01 cm Cbm: 0.0758 ....

FIRE FIGHTING SHOWCASE Size :15.75 in /40.01 cm Cbm: 0.0756 ....

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Contact Info

Neoart Incorporated

Grand Mah Ran St
Angeles - 2009 (Outside India) Philippines

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