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Barrys Beanies


Barrys Beanies

Barrys Beanies

Redmond, , United States

Artncraft Products - Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1997

Actually, it's more "about me." My name is Barry Stein. I live in Redmond, Washington. Since my name is not "H. Ty Warner, " I have to tell you a little about myself so that you can be confident about doing business with me. I have been selling Beanie Babies on the Internet since November 1997. At that time I started selling Beanie Babies on eBay where my user name is BarrysAuctions.
I soon became a PowerSeller on eBay with over 1, 500 positive feedback. Being a PowerSeller means I was selling a lot of Beanie Babies. Rather then giving me stock options, eBay let me become a member of the PowerSeller Program. Thanks eBay!

I always do everything I can to make my customers happy because I know happy customers mean repeat business and referrals.

All the Beanie Babies I sell on this Web site are mint with both mint tags unless otherwise stated. If you ever receive Beanie Babies from me that are not mint, I'll exchange them for you and pay for all the postage costs involved in the exchange.

I believe when people order products on the Internet that they want to receive their order quickly. I'll usually ship your order within 24 hours. However, every once in a while I do run out of a Beanie Baby style, but in most cases I can re-order and get your order to you in about a week.

You can verify all the great things I'm saying about myself (BarrysBeanies) by checking my eBay feedback and the testimonials page. Read what other people have said about doing business with BarrysBeanies. I must be doing something right because I have many repeat customers.

Feel free to e-mail BarrysBeanies@aol.Com if you ever have any questions, suggestions or feedback.

Best of luck to you and happy Beanie Baby collecting!

Products :

We hava a following variety of toys given below:- #1 Bear, #1 Teacher the bear, 1997 Holiday Teddy, 1998 Holiday Teddy, 1999 Holiday Teddy, 1999 Signature bear, 2000 Holiday Teddy, 2000 Signature bear, 2001 Holiday Teddy, 2001 Signature bear, 2002 Holiday Teddy, 2002 Signature bear, 2003 Holiday Teddy, 2003 Signature bear, 2004 Holiday Teddy, 2004 Signature bear, 4-H the bear (USA Exclusive), Addison the baseball bear, Adonis the February 2005 Beanie of the Month, Adore I Love You bear, Alani the July 2004 Beanie of the Month, Ali the bear (Japan Exclusive) , Ally the alligator, Almond the beige bear, Alps the September 2004 Beanie of the Month, Always the bear, Amber the gold tabby, America white the bear, America blue the bear, America red the bear, American Blessing the bear, Amigo the dog, Ants the anteater, April the bear, April 2003 the birthday bear, Aria the cat, Ariel the bear, Arlene the cat (Garfield Movie Beanie Baby), Aruba the angelfish, Asiana 2004 (Asian Exclusive), Astra the November 2004 Beanie of the Month, Atlanta the bear , August the bear, August 2002 the birthday bear, Aurora the polar bear, Aussiebear the bear (Australia Exclusive), Australia the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2005), Avalon the horse, B.B. Bear the bear, Baby Boy the bear, Baby Boy the bear (2005), Baby Girl the bear, Baby Girl the bear (2005), Badges the dog, Bahati the elephant (World Wildlife Fund Support), Baldy the eagle, Bali the komodo dragon, Bam the ram, Bananas the orangutan, Banjo the dog, Bandage the bear (Get Well Soon), Bandito the raccoon, Bat-e the bat, Batty the ty-dye bat, Batty the brown bat, Beak the ty-dye kiwi bird, Beani the cat, Bearon Aviator bear (Midwest Airlines), Bearon (brown) the bear, Bearon (red) the bear, Benjamin the bear, Bernie the St. Bernard, Bessie the cow, Bianca the cat, Bidder the eBay bear, Big Apple the Bear, Bijoux the poodle, Billionaire bear, Billionaire bear 2, Billionaire bear 3, Billionaire bear 4, Billionaire bear 5, Billionaire bear 6, Billionaire bear 7, Binksy the bunny, Bits (The Beanie Babies Official Club Kit), Bixby the bear, Blackie the bear, Blarn-e the dog, Blessed the bear, Blizzard the white tiger, Bloom the bear, Blue the bear, Bo the dog , Bones the dog, Bongo the monkey (tan tail), Bongo the monkey (brown tail), Bonnet the bear, Bonsai the chimpanzee, Bonzer the koala bear, Books the bear (Set of 3), Booties the cat, Boston the bear, Breadcrumbs the May 2005 Beanie of the Month, Bride the bear, Brigitte the pink poodle, Britannia the bear (UK Exclusive), Bronty the ty-dye brontosaurus, Brownie the brown bear, Bruno the terrier, Bubbles the fish, Bubbly the bear, Buckingham the bear (UK Exclusive), Bucky the beaver, Bumble the bee, Bunga - Raya the bear (Malaysia Exclusive), Bushy the lion, Butch the bull terrier, Buttercream the April 2003 Beanie of the Month, Buzzie the bee, Buzzy the buzzard, California Poppy (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005) , California the bear (California State Exclusive), Cand-e the bear, Canada the bear (I Love Canada), Canyon the cougar, Cappuccino the May 2003 Beanie of the Month, Captain the whale, Carnation the kitty, Carrots the bunny, Cashew the bear, Cassie the collie , Caw the crow, Celebrate the 15 year anniversary bear, Celebrations UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada Exclusive, Champion - Argentina the bear, Champion - Belgium the bear, Champion - Brazil the bear, Champion - Cameroon the bear, Champion - China the bear, Champion - Costa Rica the bear, Champion - Croatia the bear, Champion - Denmark the bear , Champion - Ecuador the bear, Champion - England the bear , Champion - France the bear, Champion - Germany the bear, Champion - Ireland the bear, Champion - Italy the bear, Champion - Japan the bear, Champion - Korea the bear, Champion - Mexico the bear, Champion - Nigeria the bear, Champion - Paraguay the bear, Champion - Poland the bear, Champion - Portugal the bear, Champion - Russia the bear, Champion - Saudi Arabia the bear, Champion - Senegal the bear, Champion - Slovenia the bear, Champion - South Africa the bear, Champion - Spain the bear, Champion - Sweden the bear , Champion - Tunisia the bear , Champion - Turkey the bear , Champion - USA the bear, Champion - Uruguay the bear , ChariTee the bear (PGA Charity Beanie), Charmer the unicorn, Cheddar the mouse, Cheeks the baboon, Cheery the sunshine bear, Cheesly the mouse, Cheezer the mouse, Chicago the bear , Chickie the chick, Chili the polar bear, Chillin' the snowman, Chilly the bear, China the panda, Chinook the bear (Canada Exclusive), Chip the cat, Chipper the chipmunk, Chocolate the moose, Chompers the the August 2004 Beanie of the Month, Chops the lamb, Chopstix the monkey, Chuckles the hedgehog, Cinders the black bear, Cinta the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2004), Class of 2004 the owl, Classy the People's Beanie, Claude the crab, Clover the bear, Clover the Bear (4-H Exclusive), Clubby the bear, Clubby II the bear, Clubby III the bear, Clubby IV the bear, Clubby V the bear, Clubby VI (blue) the bear, Clubby VI (purple)the bear, Clubby VI (rainbow) the bear, Color Me Beanie Birthday Kit the bear, Color Me Beanie Birthday Kit the cat, Color Me Beanie Birthday Kit the dog, Color Me Beanie Birthday Kit the unicorn, Color Me Beanie the bear, Color Me Bunny the bunny, Colorado Columbine (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005) , Colorado the bear (Colorado State Exclusive), Colosso the mammoth, Columbus the bear, Comet the November 2003 Beanie of the Month , Congo the gorilla, Cool Cat the cat, Coral the ty-dye fish, Coral Casino the bear, Coreana the bear (Korea Exclusive), Cornbread the bear (Cracker Barrel Exclusive), Corsage the bear, Cottonball the bunny, Count the bear, Countdown the New Years bear, Countess the June 2004 Beanie of the Month, Courage the dog, Creepers the skeleton, Crinkles the Shar-pei, Croaks the frog, Crunch the shark, Cubbie the bear, Cupid the dog , Cure the bear, Curls the bear, Curly the bear, Cutesy the dog, Dad the bear, Dad the bear (Ty Store Exclusive), Dad-e the bear, Dad-e 2003 the bear, Dad-e 2004 the bear, Daffodil the bear (Ty Europe Exclusive), Daisy the cow, Darling the dog, Dart the blue dart frog, Dear the bear (Hallmark Exclusive), Dearest the teddy bear, Dearly the bear (Hallmark Exclusive), Decade (Blue) the bear, Decade (Brown) the bear, Decade (Gold) the bear, Decade (Green) the bear, Decade (Hot Pink) the July 2003 Beanie of the Month, Decade (Orange) the bear, Decade (Purple) the bear, Decade (Red) the bear, Decade (Royal Blue) the bear, Decade (White) the bear, December the bear, December 2002 the birthday bear, Delilah the cat, Demure the poodle, Denver the bear, Derby (coarse mane with star) the horse, Derby (coarse mane) the horse, Derby (fine mane) the horse, Derby (fluffy mane with star) the horse, Deutschland the bear, Deutschland the bear (German Exclusive), Diddley the fantasy dog, Digger the orange crab, Digger the red crab, Diggs the dog, Dinky the dodo bird, Dippy the bunny, Discover the bear (Canada the Exclusive), Dizzy the dalmatian (black spots w/black ears), Dizzy the dalmatian (blue/pink spots w/black ears), Dizzy the dalmatian (blue/pink spots w/one blue ear & one pink ear), Dizzy the dalmatian (black spots w/one blue ear & one pink ear), Doby the doberman, DOG (Zodiac), Doodle the ty-dye rooster, Dominion the moose, Dotson the jaguar, Dotty the dalmatian, DRAGON (Zodiac), Dreamer the March 2003 Beanie of the Month, Drumstick the turkey, Dublin the bear, Duck-e the duck, Dundee the dog, Durango the horse, Dusty the bear, Early the robin, Ears the bunny, Echo the dolphin, Eggbeart the bear, Eggbert the baby chick, Eggerton the bunny, Eggs the bear, Eggs the bear 2004, Eggs the bear 2005, Eggs II the bear, Eggs III the bear, Employee bear, England the bear (England Exclusive), England the bear (I Love England)(England Exclusive), Erin the Irish bear, Eucalyptus the koala, Ewey the lamb, Fairytale the unicorn, Fancy the cat, February the bear, February 2003 the birthday bear, Ferny the bear (New Zealand Exclusive), Fetch the golden retriever, Fetcher the dog, Fiddler the January 2005 Beanie of the Month, Fidget the dog, Filly the horse, Fins the seal, Fireplug the October 2004 Beanie of the Month, Fitz the dog, Fizz the bear, Flaky the bear, Flash the dolphin, Flashy the peacock, Fleece the lamb, Fleecie the lamb, Fleur the cat, Flip the cat, Flitter the butterfly, Float the butterfly , Floppity the bunny, Florida the bear (Florida State Exclusive), Flutter the ty-dye butterfly, Fortune the panda, Fraidy the cat, Frankenteddy the bear, Freckles the leopard, Free the eagle, Freiherr von Schwarz (German Exclusive), Fridge the polar bear, Friedrich the bear (German Exclusive), Frigid the penguin, Frills the hornbill bird, Frisbee the dog, Frisco the cat, Fritters the March 2005 Beanie of the Month, Frolic the dog, Frosty the bull, Fumbles the monkey, Founders the July 2005 Beanie of the Month, Fussy the cat, Fuzz the bear, Garcia the ty-dye bear, Garfield the cat (Garfield Movie Beanie Baby), Germania the bear (German Exclusive), Germany the bear (German Exclusive), Georgia Cherokee Rose (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005) , Georgia the bear (Georgia State Exclusive), Gift the (green) Joy bear (Hallmark Exclusive), Gift the (red) Peace bear (Hallmark Exclusive), Gift the (white) Love bear (Hallmark Exclusive), Giganto the wooly mammoth, GiGi the poodle, Giraffiti the giraffe, Gizmo the lemur, Glider the prehistoric bird, Glory the bear, Glow the lightning bug, GOAT (Zodiac), Goatee the mountain goat, Gobbles the turkey, Goddess the swan, Goldie the fish, Goochy the ty-dye jellyfish, Grace the bunny, Gracie the swan, Graf von Rot the bear (German Exclusive), Grandfather the bear, Grandmother the bear, Greetings the December 2004 Beanie of the Month, Grizzwald the bear, Groom the bear, Groovy the ty-dye bear, Grunt the razorback, Gypsy the cat, Hairy the spider, Halo the angel bear, Halo II the angel bear, Hamlet the pig, Hannah the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2004), Happy Birthday the bear 2004 (Orange), Happy Birthday the bear 2005 (Red), Happy Birthday the bear 2005 (Yellow), Happy Birthday the bear (Small Size), Happy the gray hippo, Happy the lavender hippo, Harrison the bunny, Harry the bear, Haunt the bear, Hawaii the bear (Hawaii State Exclusive), Hawthorne the bear, Heartthrob the Febuary 2004 Beanie of the Month, Heiress the cat, Herald the bear, Herder the sheep dog, Hero the Teddy bear, Hero the bear (USA Military), Hero the bear (British Military), Hero the bear (Australian Military), Hers the bear, Herschel the bear - Cracker Barrel Exclusive, Hippie the ty-dye bunny, Hippity the bunny, His the bear, Hissy the snake, Hobo the dog, Hodge-Podge the dog, Holmes the February 2003 Beanie of the Month, Holy Father the bear, Honey-Bun the dog, Honks the goose, Hoofer the clydlesdale, Hoot the owl, Hope the praying bear, Hopper the bunny, Hoppity the bunny, Hornsly the triceratops , HORSE (Zodiac), Howl the wolf, Huggins the dog, Huggy the bear, Humphrey the camel, Huntley the bear, Iggy the ty-dye iguana, Iggy the ty-dye iguana with Rainbow's fabric, Illinois the bear (Illinois State Exclusive), Illinois Violet (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005), Inch the inchworm with felt antennas, Inch the inchworm with yarn antennas, India the tiger, Inky the pink octopus, Inky the tan octopus with a mouth, Inky the tan octopus without a mouth, Ireland the bear (UK Exclusive), Issy the bear, Issy the bear (Four Seasons New York Exclusive), It's a Boy the bear, It's a Girl the bear, Jabber the parrot, Jack the bear (UK Exclusive), Jack the bear (USA version), Jake the mallard duck, January the bear, January the birthday bear 2002, Japan the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2005), Jaz the cat, Jersey the January 2004 Beanie of the Month, Jester the clownfish, Jimbo the elephant , Jinglepup, Jinxy the cat, Joaquim the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2004), John the bear, Jokester the bear, Jolly the walrus, Juggles the clown bear, July the bear, July the birthday bear 2003, Jumpshot the giraffe, June the bear, June 2003 the birthday bear , Juneau the dog, Kaleidoscope the cat, Kanata the bear (Canadian Exclusive), Kansas City the bear, Kansas Sunflower (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005) , Kansas the bear (Kansas State Exclusive), Khufu the August 2003 Beanie of the Month, Kicks the soccer bear, Killarney the bear, Kippy the September 2003 Beanie Baby of the Month, Kirby the terrier, Kiss-e the bear, Kissme the bear, Kissy the bear, Kiwi the toucan, Kiwiana the bear (New Zealand Exclusive), Knuckles the pig, Kookie the dog , Kooky the cat, Koowee the koala bear (Australia/New Zealand Exclusive), Korea the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2005), Kringle the bear, KuKu the cockatoo, L.A. The bear , L'amore the poodle, Lani the bear, Laptop the cocker spaniel, Las Vegas the bear (Las Vegas Exclusive), Lefty the donkey, Lefty 2000 the donkey (USA Exclusive), Lefty 2004 the donkey, Legend the dragon, Legs the frog, Lex the Bear (Learning Express Exclusive), Li Mei the panda, Libert-e the bear, Libearty the bear (USA Exclusive), Liberty (blue) the bear (USA Exclusive), Liberty (red) the bear (USA Exclusive), Liberty (white) the bear (USA Exclusive), Lightning the horse, Lips the fish, Little Feather the bear, Lizzy the lizard, Lizzy the ty-dye lizard, London the bear (London Exclusive), Loosy the Canadian goose, Louis the mouse (Garfield Movie Beanie Baby), Lovey-Dovey the dog , Luau the pig, Luca the dog(Garfield Movie Beanie Baby), Luck-e the bear, Lucky the ladybug with about 11 printed spots, Lucky the ladybug with about 21 spots, Lucky the ladybug with 7 felt spots, Luke the lab, Lullaby the lamb, Lumberjack the beaver, Lurkey the turkey, M.C. Anniversary 2nd Edition the bear, M.C. Anniversary 3rd Edition the bear, M.C. Anniversary 4th Edition the bear, M.C. Beanie the bear, M.C. Beanie II the bear, M.C. Beanie III the bear, M.C. Beanie IV the bear, M.C. II Anniversary Editon the bear, Mac the cardinal, Magic the dragon, Malaysia the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2005), Mandy the panda, Manny the manatee, Maple the bear (Canada Exclusive), March the bear, March 2003 the birthday bear, Mardi Gras , Marshall the horse, Marshmallow the bunny, Massachusetts Mayflower (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005) , Massachusetts the bear (Massachusetts State Exclusive), Mattie the cat, May the bear, May 2003 the birthday bear, Masque the bear (Mardi Gras 2005), McWooley the bear, Mel the koala, Mellow the ty-dye bear , Midnight the black panther, Millennium the bear, Minksy the bunny, Minneapolis the bear, Minnesota Lady's Slipper (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005) , Minnesota the bear (Minnesota State Exclusive), Mistletoe the bear, Mom the bear, Mom-e the bear, Mom-e the bear 2003, Mom-e the bear 2004, Mom-e the bear 2005, MONKEY (Zodiac), Mooch the monkey, Morrie the eel, Moosletoe the moose, Mother the bear, Mother 2004 the bear , Mr. The Groom bear, Mrs. The Bride bear, Muddy the dog, Muff the cat, Mugungwha the bear (Korean Exclusive), Mukluk the dog, Mukluk the dog with a bright green eye and a bright blue eye, Mum 2005 the bear (UK Exclusive), Mum the bear, Mystery the sea monster (UK Exclusive), Mystic (brown horn with coarse mane) the unicorn, Mystic (brown horn with fine mane) the unicorn, Mystic (iridescent horn with coarse mane) the unicorn, Mystic (iridescent horn with fluffy mane) the unicorn, Mystique the tiger, Nami the black rhino (World Wildlife Fund Support), Nana the monkey, Nanook the husky, Nara the bear(Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2004), Nectar the hummingbird, Neon the ty-dye seahorse, Nermal the cat(Garfield Movie Beanie Baby), New Jersey the bear (New Jersey State Exclusive), New York Rose (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005), New York State bear (New York State Exclusive), New York the bear (Retail Version), New York the NY bear (Toy Fair Exclusive), New Zealand the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2005), Nibbler the rabbit, Nibblies the rabbit, Nibbly the rabbit, Niles the camel, Nina the bear, Nip the cat, Nip the cat with white paws, Nip the cat with white face, Nipponia the bear (Japan Exclusive), November the bear, November 2003 the birthday bear, Nuts the squirrel, Nutty the squirrel, NY the bear (Toy Fair Exclusive), Oats the horse, Ocker the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2004), October the bear, October 2002 the bear, Odie the dog (Garfield Movie Beanie Baby), Ohio Scarlet Carnation (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005) , Ohio the bear (Ohio State Exclusive), Ole' the bull (Spain Exclusive), Old Timer the bear (Cracker Barrel Exclusive), Ooh-La-La the poodle, Opie the Octopus (Retail Version), Opie the Octopus (Ty Warner Sea Center Exclusive), Oriel the fish, Orion the lion, Osito the Mexican bear (USA Exclusive), OX (Zodiac), Panama the tree frog, Pappa the bear, Pappa the bear 2004, Patrick Star , Patriot the bear (Flag on left foot), Patriot the bear (Flag on right foot), Patti the platypus, Paul the walrus, Peace the ty-dye bear, Peace the ty-dye bear (pastel fabric), Peace 2003 the bear, Peanut the light blue elephant, Peanut the royal blue elephant, Pecan the gold bear, Peekaboo the turtle, Peepers the March 2004 Beanie of the Month, Peeps the chick, Pegasus the winged horse, Peking the bear, Pellet the hamster, Pennsylvania the bear (Pennsylvania State Exclusive), Pennsylvania Mountain Laurel (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005), Periwinkle the e-Beanie, P.F.C. The bear (Portsmouth Football Club Exclusive), Philadelphia the bear , Pierre the bear (Canadian Exclusive), PIG (Zodiac), Pinata the bear, Pinchers the lobster, Pinky the flamingo, Pinta the bear, Pippo the bear (Italy Exclusive), Piroutte the Ballerina bear, Pittsburgh the bear, Poet the monkey, Pompey the bear (Ty Europe Exclusive), Poofie the dog, Pooky the bear (Garfield Movie Beanie Baby), Poopsie the bear, Popcorn the October 2003 Beanie of the Month, Pops the bear (USA, UK and Canada versions), Poseidon the whale shark, Pouch the kangaroo, Pounce the cat, Pounds the elephant, Prance the cat, Premier the bear (UK Exclusive), Pretzels the dog, Prickles the hedgehog, Pride the lion (UK Exclusive), Prince the frog, Princess the bear, Prinz von Gold (German Exclusive), Promise the Bear (Blue) (Northwestern Mutual Exclusive), Promise the Bear (Brown) (Northwestern Mutual Exclusive), Propeller the flying fish, Puffer the puffin, Pugsly the pug, Pumkin' the pumpkin, Punchers the lobster, Pungo the red wolf, Punxsutawn-e Phil the groundhog, Punxsutawn-e Phil 2004 the groundhog, Punxsutawn-e Phil 2005 the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil 2004 the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil 2005 the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil 2004 (PA Exclusive)the groundhog, Purr the kitten , Quacker (Wingless) the duck, Quackers the duck, Quivers the ghost bear, RABBIT (Zodiac), Radar the bat, Rainbow the ty-dye chameleon with a tongue, Rainbow the ty-dye chameleon without a tongue, Rainbow the ty-dye chameleon with Iggy's fabric, RAT (Zodiac), Ratzo the rat, Red the bear (USA Exclusive), Red White & Blue the bear (USA Exclusive) , Redford the cardinal, Regal the king charles spaniel, Rescue the dog, Rex the ty-dye tyrannosaurus, Righty the elephant, Righty 2000 the elephant (USA Exclusive), Righty 2004 the elephant, Ringo the raccoon, Roam the buffalo, Roary the lion, Rocket the blue jay, Romance the bear, Ronald McDonald the bear (McDonalds Worldwide Owner Operator convention exclusive) , Ronnie the bear (USA Exclusive), ROOSTER (Zodiac), Rose the bear (Ty Europe Exclusive), Rover the dog, Roxie the reindeer with a black nose, Roxie the reindeer with a red nose, Rudy the reindeer, Rufus the dog, Rumba the tiget, Runner the mustelidae, Rusty the red panda, Sakura the bear (Japan Exclusive), Sakura II the bear (Japan Exclusive), Sam the bear (blue), Sam the bear (red), Sam the bear (white), Sammy the ty-dye bear, Sampson the dog, San Francisco the bear , Santa Maria the bear, Santa the santa, Sapphire the May Beanie Baby of the Month, Sarge the german shepherd, Scaly the lizard, Scampy the dog, Scared-e the cat, Scary the witch, Scat the cat, Schnitzel the dog, Schweetheart the orangutan, Scoop the pelican, Scorch the dragon, Scotland the bear (Scotland Exclusive), Scotland the bear (I Love Scotland) (Scotland Exclusive), Scottie the terrier, Scrappy the dog, Scurry the beetle, Seadog the Newfoundland dog, Seamore the seal, Seattle the bear, Seaweed the otter, Secret the bear, September the bear, September 2002 the birthday bear, Sequoia the bear, Serenade the April 2005 Beanie of the Month, Serenity the dove, Shamrock the bear, Shasta the bear, Sheets the ghost, Sherbert the bear (Aqua), Sherbert the bear (Pink), Sherbert the bear (Yellow), Sherbert the bear (Lilac) 2003, Sherbert the bear (Blue) 2003, Sherbert the bear (Red) 2003, Sherwood the bear, Shivers the ghost bear, Shortstop the bear, Siam the siamese cat, Side-Kick the dog, Siesta the donkey, Silver the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2004), Silver the grey tabby, Singabear (Singapore Exclusive) , Singapore the bear (Asia-Pacific Exclusive 2005), Sis the dog, Sizzle the bear, Slayer the frilled dragon, Sledge the hammerhead shark, Sleighbelle the green reindeer, Sleighbelle the white reindeer, Slick the fox, Slippery the seal, Slither the snake, Slowpoke the sloth , Sly the brown bellied fox, Sly the white bellied fox, Smart the owl 2001, Smarter the owl, Smartest the owl, Smarty the graduation owl (Class of 2005) (Retail Version), Smarty the graduation owl (Ty Store Exclusive), Smarty the Ty Store Graduation owl, Smash the bear (USA Exclusive), Smitten the bear with a black nose, Smitten the bear with a pink nose, Smooch the bear, Smooch-e the bear, Smoochy the frog, Smudges the dog, SNAKE (Zodiac), Sneaky the leopard, Sniffer the beagle, Snip the cat, Snips the bear (Beanie Babies Official Club Exclusive), Snocap the fox, Snookums the dog, Snoops the raccoon, Snowdrift the polar bear, Snort the bull, Snowball the snowman, Snowgirl, Soar the eagle, Sonnet the dog, Spangle (blue face) the American bear, Spangle (red face) the American bear, Spangle (white face) the American bear, Sparks the bear (UK Exclusive), Sparkles the January 2003 Beanie of the Month, Sparky the dalmatian, Speckles the e-Beanie, Speedstar the sea turtle, Speedy the turtle, Spike the rhinoceros, Spinner the spider, Splash the orca whale, Spongebob Squarepants , Spongebob Thumbsup, Spongebob Tuxeopants, Spooky the ghost, Sport the dog, Spot the dog with a spot, Spot the dog without a spot, Spring the bunny, Springfield the bunny, Springy the lavender bunny, Spuds the dog, Spunky the cocker spaniel, Squealer the pig, Squidward Tentacles , Squirmy the worm, Star the angel bear (Blue star), Star the angel bear (Gold star), Starlett the kitten, Starlight the Bear (black) (Harrods UK Exclusive), Starlight the Bear (white) (Harrods UK Exclusive), Steg the ty-dye stegosaurus, Stilts the stork, Sting the ty-dye stingray, Stinger the scorpion, Stinky the skunk, Stockings the bear, Stretch the ostrich, Stripes the tiger with thin stripes, Stripes the tiger with wide stripes, Stripey the tiger, Strut the rooster, Stubby the pig, Sugar-Pie the dog, Sundar the leopard (World Wildlife Fund Exclusive), Sunny the e-Beanie, Sunray the manta ray , Swampy the alligator, Sweeper the bear, Swinger the monkey, Swirly the snail, Swoop the pterodactyl, Tabasco the bull, Tabs the cat, Tangles the cat, Tank the armadillo with a shell, Tank (w/o shell and 7 lines) the armadillo, Tank (w/o shell and 9 lines) the armadillo, Ted-e the bear, Teddy the 100th Year Anniversary Bear , Teddy (brown) the bear, Teddy (cranberry) the bear, Teddy (jade) the bear, Teddy (magenta) the bear, Teddy (teal) the bear, Teddy (violet) the bear, Teddy the old face brown bear, Teddy the old face cranberry bear, Teddy the old face jade bear, Teddy the old face magenta bear, Teddy the old face teal bear, Teddy the old face violet bear, Tender the lamb, Tennessee the bear (Tennessee State Exclusive), Texas Bluebonnet (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005), Texas the bear , Thank You bear, Thank You bear 2003, Thank You bear the April 2004 Beanie of the Month, The Beginning bear, The End bear, Thistle the bear (Ty Europe Exclusive), Thomas the bear, Tibby the shih tzu, Tidings the mouse, TIGER (Zodiac), Tinsel the December 2003 Beanie of the Month, Tiny the chihuahua, Tiny Tim the mouse, Tipsy the cow, Tiptoe the mouse, Toast the bear, Toboggan the penguin, Tom-e the turkey, Tommy the turkey, Tooter the dinosaur, Toothy the tyrannosaurus, Toronto the bear, Tracker the basset hound, Tracks the lynx, Tradee the e-Beanie, Trap the mouse, Tricks the dog, Tricky the bear, Trident the June 2005 Beanie of the Month, True the bear (Canada Exclusive), Truly the bear, Trumpet the elephant, Tubbo the hippo , Tuffy the terrier , Tunnels the dog, Turk-e the turkey, Tusk the walrus, Tux the penguin, Twigs the giraffe, Twilight the owl, Twirls the bear, Twitch the guinea pig, Twitterbug the cicada, Ty 2K the bear, U.S.A. The American Bear (USA Exclusive), Union the bear, Unity the bear (Europe Exclusive), Valor the eagle , Valentina the bear, Valentine the monkey, Valentino the bear, Vanda the bear (Singapore Exclusive), Vegas the zebra, Velvet the panther, Victory the bear, Villager the mouse (Canadian Exclusive), Virunga the June 2003 Beanie of the month, Waddle the penguin, Wales the bear (Wales Exclusive), Wales the bear (I Love Wales) (Wales Exclusive), Wallace the bear, Washington Rhododendron (Summer Flower Gift Show Exclusive Bear 2005) , Washington the bear (Washington State Exclusive), Washington D.C. The bear , Wattlie the bear (Australia Exclusive), Waves the orca whale, We Do the bears, Weaver the monkey, Web the spider, Weenie the dachshund , Whiskers the dog, Whisper the deer, White the bear, Whittle the bear, Wiggly the octopus, William (yellow ribbon) the bear (Germany Exclusive), William (green ribbon) the bear (UK Exclusive), Willoughby the kangaroo, Winksy the bunny, Wirabear the bear (Malaysian Exclusive) , Wise the owl , Wiser the owl, Wisest the owl, Wish the starfish, Woody the bear, Woolins the bear, Wrinkles the dog, Y Draig Goch the dragon (UK Exclusive), Yapper the dog, You're Special the bear, Yours Truly the bear (Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive), Zero the holiday penguin, Zeus the moose, Ziggy the zebra, Zip the black cat, Zip the black cat with white paws, Zip the black cat with a white face, Zoom the turtle.

Contact Info

Barrys Beanies

8964 Redwood Rd NE #103
Redmond - WA 98052 () United States

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