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Kido Enterprises


Kido Enterprises

Kido Enterprises

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Artncraft Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1992

Established in 1992, we are specialist manufacturers of Montessori equipment and other educational aids.

Our Montessori products comply with international teaching philosophy and are made with precision and durability in mind. Besides manufacturing products that are in line with global quality standards, we ensure that our prices are extremely competitive, providing an attractive value for money proposition. Our materials have been approved by the Indian Montessori Centre, and have been accepted and appreciated by users across the globe.

We use the best grade of raw materials such as teakwood and non-toxic child-friendly paints, sourced from internationally leading paint manufacturers. Moreover, these finishes withstand severe climatic conditions (extremely hot and cold temperatures and very high humidity).

We also manufacture a range of other learning aids, which are being utilised in kindergartens, play homes & organisations for the mentally/ physically disabled children, and by parents alike. We also design and manufacture customised furniture for schools at cost effective rates.

Besides manufacturing products that are in line with international quality standards, we ensure that our prices are extremely competitive, providing an attractive value for money proposition.

Our spacious warehouses are well stocked enabling us to process orders quickly and efficiently. Our factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. We use the best grade of raw materials such as teakwood and non-toxic imported paints. Our equipment are designed by qualified engineers and manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen. This combined with our skilled labour force ensures that out stringent quality requirements are met.

We have been supplying to Montessori Houses of children and other Educational Institutions for the past 13 years. We have serviced more than 1500 schools spread across the globe, predominantly in India, Middle East, Europe, Japan and the United States. Our clients have commended us for our excellent customer service and our emphasis on precision and quality. Consistent positive feedback on our delivered materials has established that our quality and competitive pricing have fulfilled all our customer's requirements.

Products :

We are manufacturers of Montessori Materials, School Toys, Educational Aids, Wooden Teaching Aids, Playschool equipment. Our range of products are EPL Materials: Napkins for Folding and Dusters, Trays for Napkins & Dusters, Fastening Frames, EPL Activities Set, Cleaning Accessories Set. Sensorial Materials: Cylinder Blocks, Pink Tower, Brown Stairs, Long Stairs, Primary Colour Tablets, Secondary Colour TabletsGeometrical Solids, Stereognostic Bag, Touch Boards, Sound Boxes, Fabric Boxes, Baric Tablets, Pressure Cylinders, Tertiary Colour Tablets, Touch Tablets, Thermic Tablets, Presentation Tray, Geometrical Cabinet, Geometrical Form Cards, Drawing Insets, Binomial Squares, Trinomial Squares, Binomial Cubes, Trinomial Cubes, Decanomial Squares, Knobless Cylinders, Constructive Triangles, Blue Triangles. Arithmetic Materials: Number Rods, Cards for Number Rods, SandPaper Numbers, Spindle Boxes, Cards & Counters, Traditional Names, Static bead Material, Number Cards 1 to 1000, Dynamic Cubes & Squares painted, Dynamic Cubes & Squares Ordinary, Large No Cards, Small No Cards, Golden Beads for Dynamic Set, Colour Bead Stairs, Seguin Boards 10 to 19, Beads for Teen Board, Seguin Boards 10 to 99, Beads for Ten Board, Hundred Board, Addition Strip Board, Subtraction Strip Board, Multiplication Board, Division Board, Short Chains, Squares and Arrows. Language Materials: Sand Paper Letters Phonograms, Large Moveable Alphabet, Printed alphabet, Vowel Boxes, Hindi Sand Paper Letters, Hindi Moveable Alphabet, Hindi Matra Chart, Kannada Sandpaper, Kannada Moveable Alphabet, Kannada Matra Chart, Tamil Sandpaper, Logical Analysis (Fixed), Grammar boxes, 300 Picture words, Grammar Symbols, Grammar & Command Cards, Filler Boxes. Geography Materials: Land Form Cards, India Map (political), World Map, Karnataka Map political), Tamil Nadu Map (political), Nature Study Set, Globe (Continent), Globe (Land & Water), World Puzzle Map, North America Puzzle Map, South America Puzzle Map, Europe Puzzle Maps, Africa Puzzle Map, Asia Puzzle Map, Australia Puzzle Map, US Puzzle Map, Flag Pairing. Botany Materials: Botany Cabinet, Botany Cabinet Form Cards, Flower Puzzle, Leaf Puzzle, Tree Puzzle, Flower Plywood Puzzle, Leaf Plywood Puzzle, Tree Plywood Puzzle. Furniture: Stand for Brush and Broom, Table for Pink Tower, Table for Brown Stairs, Table for Long Stairs, Table for Number Rods, Wall Stand for Drawing Insets, Button Frame Stand Revolving, Button Frame Stand Wall Type, Stand for Mystery Bags, Stand for Brush and Broom, Cabinets / Shelves, Chowki (Work Tables), Oil cloth Table, Box for Sitting Mats, Box for Rolling Mats, Shoe Stand, Basket Stand, Stand for 10 slates, Stand for maps, Cabinet for Botany puzzles, Stand for Whole Bead Material, Bench, Desk. Preliminary Equipments: Alphabet Board(ABC) Number Board(123), Size and Colour Variation Rings, Inclined Plane, Geometric Fraction Board, Peg Board, Puzzle-Fish. Support Materials: Blind Fold, Small Strognostic Bags, Mat for Movable Alphabet, Hard Board base for Drawing Insets, Cut Paper for Drawing Inset, Pencil Stand for 55 Nos, Pencil Stand for 3 Nos, Set of 11 Coloured Pencil Holders, Green Cups for Static Bead Material, Small Tray, Big Tray, Oil Cloth, Sitting Mats, Working Mats 4 feet X 3 feet, Working Mats 3 feet X 3 feet, Paper for Dynamic set Material.

Contact Info

Kido Enterprises

No 12, R K Layout 2nd Stage,
Thimmaiah Road,
Banshankari 2nd Stage
Bangalore - 560070 (Karnataka) India

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