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History of Handicraft

  • Ancient Design Employed In Handicrafts:Indian craftsmen carefully craft numerous motifs and designs, intricate and beautiful in a variety of hand-crafted items. These have been perfected over centuries.
  • The Birth of Indian Handicrafts:Indian handicrafts, though initially made plain for daily use by ancient man, Almirahthe craving for aesthetic appeal soon resulted in the development of numerous designs and motifs.
  • Indian Textiles:The beauty of Indian textiles spread far and wide even during the ancient trade.
  • They were very popular for their fine quality and excellent embroidery done on them.
  • Rigvedic Literature Speaks on Ancient Crafts:The ancient Indian literature reveals some interesting facts on Indian handicrafts. Many craft were an integral part of religious rituals and ceremonies.
  • Buddhist Influence on Sculpture:The need to propagate Buddhist religion played an important part in the style the stone sculptures were sculpted. It also renewed the enthusiasm in stone sculptures.

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