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Goyal India


Goyal India

Andirons & Dogs Set


A Quality Product from
Goyal India [View Profile]
Moradabad - India

Description :
Goyal India is reputed in the international market for manufacturing and supplying handicrafts made of brass, copper, iron, aluminum, wood and glass. At Goyal India, we design and fabricate artwares having aesthetic sense mixed with beauty and useful effects. The need, requirement and satisfaction of our client are our top priority.

We specialize in garden ornaments, fire-place accessories, copper utensils, candle holders, EPNS, wooden items, lamps, glasswares, nauticals, mirrors and photoframes. Our products create magic everywhere by enhancing the beauty of any location - whether it is the garden, kitchen, bedroom, drawing room or the terrace. The varied products have been sold nationally for over the past so many years now. There are thousands gracing the houses in many countries. The unique designs and patterns have endeared them to collectors from coast to coast and border to border. We know you will enjoy them yourself, and your friends will appreciate them as gifts.

We are dedicated in providing outstanding service. Compare our quality, fine craftsmanship and detailed carvings with any other products in the same category and you will see that our products are much better. Goyal India maintains its uncompromising commitment to quality by continuing to utilize the age-old tradition of Indian crafts.

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Goyal India

Manufacturer & Export/Import of BAR ACCESSORIES:Beverage Coolers, Wine Chillers, Ice Buckets, Ice Tongs, Glass Wine Sets, Wine Pitchers, Wine Coasters, Wine Goblets, Wine Racks. HANDICRAFT DECORATIVES:Candle Holders, Wall Sconces, Hurricane Lamps, Picture Frames, Statues, Lamp Bases, Mirror Frames, Glass Jars, Perfume Bottles, Glass Votives, Glass Bowls, Glass Flower Vases, Key Rings, Hooks, Wooden Boxes, Wooden Cupboards. FIREPLACE ACCESSORIES: Andirons & Dogs Set, Bellows, Coal Basket, Fireplace Fronts, Fire Guards, Fireplace Screens, Fireplace Tools Set, Fireplace Hearths, Fireplace Log Holders. GARDEN ACCESSORIES: Bird Baths, Bird Feeders, Bugs, Garden Sticks, Flower Vases, Garden Animals, Garden Gongs, Garden Lanterns, Garden Tools, Garden Urns, Oil Burners, Planters, Pot Hangers, Watering Cans. KITCHEN ACCESSORIES:Steel Cutlery, Kitchen Utensils, Glass Utensils, Wooden Trays. NAUTICAL INSTRUMENTS OFFICE STATIONERY:Glass Inkpots, Pen Holders, Paper Clips. TABLEWARES:Wooden Trays, Coasters, Napkin Rings, Steel Tablewares, Glass Goblets, Bowls. IRON HANDICRAFTS:Floor Candle Holders, Hanging Candle Holders, Pillar Candle Holders, Garden Gongs, Garden Lanterns, Tea Light Candle Holders, Watering Cans, Oil Burners, Planters, Hurricane Lamps, Picture Frames, Lamp Bases, Andirons & Dogs Set, Wine Racks, Iron Tongs. GLASS HANDICRAFTS:Glass Utensils, Glass Votives, Glass Bowls, Glass Jars, Glass Inkpots, Perfume Bottles, Glass Wine Sets, Glass Flower Vases, Glass Goblets, Ice Buckets. BRASS HANDICRAFTS:Votive Candle Holders, Paper Clips, Ice Tongs, Brass Napkin Rings, Ornamental Napkin Rings, Silver Finish Napkin Rings, Magnifying Lens, Brass Goblets, Wine Chillers, Hurricane Lamps, Table Candle Holders, Watering Cans, Hooks, Trivets, Andirons & Dogs Set, Lamp BasesLamp Bases, Mirror Frames, Statues. ALUMINIUM HANDICRAFTS:Oil Burners, Garden Urns, Aluminum Flower Vases, Wine Chillers, Table Candle Holders, Mirror Frames. WOOD HANDICRAFTS:Wooden Boxes, Pen Holders, Chess Sets, Wooden Cupboards, Wooden Napkin Rings, Wood Flower Vases. COPPER HANDICRAFTS:Beverage Coolers, Wine Coasters, Copper Napkin Rings, Wine Chillers, Party Tubs.

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