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Chine Art European Company


Chine Art European Company

The Bronze Tripod or Cauldron


A Quality Product from
Chine Art European Company [View Profile]
Shanghai - China

Description :
The bronze ding, a cooking utensil in remote times, was used like a cauldron for boiling fish and meat. At first, about 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, the ding was made of fired clay,usually with three legs, occasionally with four that is why it is loosely referred to as "tripod" in English. It stands steadily and has a nice shape.
With the advent of the slavery system, China entered the bronze age, and the earthern ding was gradually replaced by the bronze one. In time, it assumed the role of an important sacrificial vessel used by the slave-owning aristocrats at ceremonies of worship.

Musical Bells and Chime Stones :
These are percussion musical instruments unique to ancient China. The zhong are made of bronze while the qing generally of stone. They may be played either individually or in groups. In the latter case, they are hung in rows on wooden racks and known respectively as bianzhong and bianqing. Struck with wooden hammers, they produce melodious sounds of various notes. In their time, they were the important instruments played-either in solo performance or in ensemble or as accompaniment-during imperial audiences, palace banquets and religious ceremonies.

Bronze Ware :-
The bronze ware were unique national treasures for China n ancient times for their impressive designs, classical decorative ornamentation, and wealth of inscriptions. The ancient Chinese society fell into the Stone Tool Age and the Iron tool age. The earliest stoneware in China was found in 3000 B.C. The Shang and Zhou dynasties ushered China into the height of the Bronze Age. During this period the making of bronze ware reached its zenith. After the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods China entered the Iron Tool Age. Bronze is the alloy of cooper and zinc or copper and lead that is bluish grey. The museums across China and some important museums outside China, have all collected Chinese Bronze ware dating back to the Shang and Zhou dynasties. Some of them are part of the cultural heritage passed down through the generations, but most of them were dug up from underneath the earth. Ancient Chinese Bronze ware fall into three types: ritual vessels, weapons, and miscellaneous objects. Ritual vessels refer to those objects employed by aristocrats in sacrificial ceremonies or audiences. Therefore there is something distinctively religious and shamanist about them. These vessels include food containers, wine vessels, water pot and musical instruments. Bronze weapons come in such varieties as knife, sword, spear, halberd, axe, and dagger.

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Chine Art European Company

The professional Chinese furniture and Chinese handicrafts provider , an antique chinese exporter more than 10 years. Our main Products are:- Cabinet Small Cabinet Console Table Coffee Table Chair Bed Trunk Chest Accessories Brass Painting Calligraphy Tibet Terra Cotta Bronze Chinese Cultural Revolution Ceramic Porcelain Buddha Silk Lamp Chinese antique furniture Oriental Furniture Hardware Ancient porcelain Ancient carving Chinese cultural revolution Buddhism art Neolithic bronze Painting and calligraphy Decorative lighting Tribal arts Textiles and costome Snuff bottle Chinese weapon Chinese tea Cabinets or Armoire Little Cabinets Indian Style cabinet with Iron Window Doors Chinese Screen Door Cabinet Black Wedding Cabinet Sloping Display Cabinet Reproduction Sun Cabinet with Curio Shelf inside Reproduction Scholar Cabinet with Carving Panel doors Reproduction Asian Curio Shelf/Cabinet Chinese Curio Shelf with Cabinet Ming Wardrobe Wooden grain Cabinet for TV and home entertainment Chinese Antique Elaborated Carved Book Cabinet Drawers Cabinet ANTIQUE CARVED ELM WOOD FILE CABINET Old Carved Doors Beech Wood Literator Cabinet Antique Burlwood Cabinet / Chest Chinese Scholar Cabinet Corner Cabinet Chinese Black Cabinet RED STAINED 18 DRAWERS CHEST Chest of Drawers/File Cabinet Chest of Drawers/File Cabinet PINE 5-Drawer Large Chest/Dresser Cabinet Next Little Cabinets Big Cabinet Small Cabinet Desk & Table Chair Bench&Stool Case & Trunk Bed Accessory Printed Catalogue

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