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Plush in a Rush


Plush in a Rush

8" Musical Birthday Teddy Bear Asst.


A Quality Product from
Plush in a Rush [View Profile]
Texas - United States

Description :
A high quality musical piece that gives you a great value. You get an assortment of two colors that sing Happy Birthday when squeezed. These wholesale plush teddy bears do not require batteries.

1371 - Wholesale Teddy Bears - 8" Musical Birthday Teddy Bear Asst.
8" Plush Birthday Teddy Bears - 6 Piece Minimum.

Product Price :$4.95 / -

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Plush in a Rush

Supplier and Importer of teddy bears and plush animals Plush Baskets Teddy Bears New Items Assortments Waxing Plush Alligators Angels and Devils Baby Plush Birthday Plush Bud Huggers Buffaloes Bulldogs Camels Cats Cheerleaders & Ballerinas Christmas Colorama Bears Cougars Cows Dogs Ducks and Chicks Eagles Easter Elephants Frogs Gift Bags & Diaper Bags Giraffes Graduation & Wedding Halloween Hawks Hippos Homecoming Mum Supplies Horses, Donkeys & Zebras Kangaroos Lambs & Goats Leopards Lions Mascot Heads Monkeys & Gorillas Moose, Elk & Reindeer Mother's Day Musical & Motion Mythical Creatures Owls Pandas Panthers Patriotic Plush Pirates Rabbits Raccoons Special Occasion Plush Spirit Bears & Colors Texas & Western Tigers Turtles Valentine Plush Wildcats Wolves Woodland Animals Yellowjackets

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