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Arts and Craft of India
India is a land abundant in raw materials that have lent themselves to the creative hands of the Indian craftsmen. From expensive materials like ivory, gems and marble; to cheaper ones like clay, cane and bamboo and wood, Indian handicrafts have an amazingly captivating beauty. Another thrilling factor is the numerous processes that these materials go through before they take final shape. Processes like the chikan work and phulkari and bagh work on cloth; certain types of polishing and metal casting or even the filigree work on metals is unique to Indian art.

Indian art and crafts are truly fascinating; it is incredible how ancient practices and traditions have continued since time immemorial. The history of India is a story of unbroken traditions that have continued for over 5000 years. For centuries, Indian handicrafts have been distinguished for their aesthetic and functional value.

Indian art has been influenced by many factors, mainly religious, political and social. India is a land of immense diversity. Various traditions, rituals, geographic and climatic conditions, lifestyles and cultures have given birth to numerous styles and designs. It has gradually evolved with the evolution of the civilization.

Techniques have been experimented and perfected upon through centuries. Indian art features spiral and curvaceous lines, vines and tendrils, round figured women, circular amulets, colored gemstones, arches and domes, haloed deities, crescent moons and the sun. Nature has been very inspiring in this case, and Indian art has borrowed freely from it. These crafts remained coveted and the skills were handed over from generation to generation.

The arts of India expressed in architecture, sculpture, painting, jewelry, pottery, metalwork, and textiles, were spread throughout the Far East with the diffusion of Buddhism and Hinduism and exercised a strong influence on the arts of China, Japan, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), Thailand and Cambodia
Various Forms of Art

Temple Sculptures:

Mostly produced in stone, clay, ivory, copper, and gold in the Hindu, Budhist and Jain temples.

Painting:Like the remarkable Buddhist murals in rock-cut shrines in Ajanta; the painting in the Jogimara cave at Orissa; Jain Palava paintings; murals at Ellora; Rajput paintings and Mughal paintings.

Jewelry, Pottery and Textiles:Valued for their royal patronage, besides artistic excellence, these artistic pieces are a culmination of exquisite workmanship and artistic perception. Flawlessly crafted using different raw materials and designs, with great attention invested on intricacy and detail, they are matchless in beauty and range. Coming in different range and variety, with exclusive styles and execution, their beauty is awesome.

Beauty:The spark of creativity was there since the beginning of civilization in India. The immortality of the handicrafts and arts of India maybe attributed to their ability to captivate the beholder. An inspiring range of products are available from timeless creations, which include crafts in wood, paper machine, wood, metal, glass and a variety of other materials. They have remained coveted for their ability to transform homes into absolute places of beauty.

From geometric designs to floral to images of gods and goddesses are included. Wall hangings are symbol of welcome and hospitality in the Indian context, besides whetting the craving for the aesthetic.

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